A relatively long tradition of our Faculty goes back to the early ’50s. The former College of Railway Transport in Prague established on 1st October of 1953 within the Czech Technical University housed also the Faculty of Transport. The university, already renamed the College of Transport moved to Zilina – the northwest centre of Slovakia in 1960. When the displacement was completed in July 1962, the College had also the Faculty of Operation and Economics of Transport (F PED). The last change in the name of the University occurred in 1996 when it was renamed the University of Zilina.

The Department of Water Transport was established on 1.9.1991, whereby it is based on the Section of Water Transport of Department of Road, Public and Water Transport. From the beginning on, the department chief has been doc. Ing. Pavel Žarnay, CSc.

The main role of the department in its beginnings was to stabilize and develop university engineering study in the section of water transport in the operation and economics specialisation. First nine students of full-time study / presence study were graduated in 1990.

The need to establish such a field of study resulted from the experience which has shown the necessity to provide specialists not just in field of ship design, which are graduates of Machinery faculty major in ship design, but as well as highly qualified specialists with academic background in different managerial levels aimed at operation in sailing companies, perhaps even for board functions in ship’s company.

There can be seen obvious parallels between inland and maritime navigation, where maritime academies in terms of IMO (International Maritime Organisation) prepare specialists both for mechanic (designer), as well as for navigation functions or managements port tranship centres.

The department initially started with three internal lecturers (Ing. Bohumil Bukovčák, CSc. and Ing. Ladislav Vagner) and lots of external lecturers. Out of them, let’s to be mentioned Ing. Jaromír Klepoch, Csc., who took the initiative while establishing of the department.

Department provides accredited study programmes in a three – tier course structure of university education – Bachelor, Ing (equivalent to MSc.) and PhD degrees in the field of water transport, in the study programme (specialisation) Operations and Economics.