Master’s degree

The graduate is intended to work in any corporate upper-management position dealing with water transport or harbor services. The graduate is familiar with legislative in force for inland and maritime navigation including the legislative for entrepreneurship in water transport and legislative for specialized skills for freight forwarder and for crew members.

The graduate is acquainted with ship operations, maintenance, ship operation security regulations and is able to use river information services for route planning. They are able to work with electronic map guidance system in inland navigation and from navigation point of view knows all complicated parts of the river Danube (Slovak segment only). He is educated in optimal fleet management planning.

The graduate is able to technologically and economically analyze any of technological harbor transshipment devices. Based on his knowledge of water transport technology.

He is able to analyze ship operations, transport operations and harbor operations from economical point of view. Based on the synthesis of necessary inputs s/he is able to formulate valid conclusions and decisions. S/he is able to understand trade activities of enterprises in water transport. S/he is able to use services of financial institutions to revive and to expand the enterprise service portfolio. S/he’s skilled in legal regulations for freight transport in force with the ability to handle, analyze and use the shipping documents.

S/he’s PC-skilled on user level including basic skills in database processing environment. S/he’s familiar with information and communication technology related. S/he is able to communicate in at least one foreign language in the scope of basic common terminology, as well as able to work with foreign specialized literature.

As a ship crew member in inland navigation s/he is skilled for midshipman (cadet) working position.

With reference to above described profile, the graduate will be qualified to apply for middle and upper managerial executive vocations in transport and forwarding companies that are operating in the field of ensuring maritime operations and with providing port services. They are qualified to apply themselves in the field of tourism at organising and providing of personal ship transport at navigable streams or closed water surfaces. They are competent to apply in the state administration, local governments, in offices of state expert supervisors of inland transport, in operations and maintenance of waterways, in the field of ensuring of operation of the multimodal logistic centres, traffic sciences, etc.