Bachelor’s degree

Graduates of the bachelor’s degree are prepared to carry out all lower level assignments of operational and technical functions in a company that is operating in the field of ensuring maritime operations and with providing of port services.

Graduates are well informed of the legislative norms modifying the activities in the transportation and port operations, including the circumstances of the maritime transportation. They are familiar with all types of inland ships and boats and also about the demands that are connected with the care of the shipload.

They are familiar with all the powered technological transloading machinery in the inland and maritime docks and are also familiar with their usage. They are aware of the technological processes connected with the handling of vessels in the docks, especially with the transloading between the vessel and other transportation ways. They are able to communicate in one foreign language in the scope of basic common terminology, as well as able to work with foreign specialized literature.

With reference to above described profile, the graduate will be qualified to apply for low managerial executive vocations in transport and forwarding companies that are operating in the field of ensuring maritime operations and with providing port services. They are qualified to apply themselves in the field of tourism at organising and providing of personal ship transport at navigable streams or closed water surfaces. They are competent to apply in the state administration, local governments, in offices of state expert supervisors of inland transport, in operations and maintenance of waterways, in the field of ensuring of operation of the multimodal logistic centres, etc.