Erasmus pobyt študenta z Brazílie na Katedre vodnej dopravy

V zimnom semestri 2016/2017 na Katedre vodnej dopravy študoval Antonio Felipe Gomes Teixeira, študent z Brazílie, ktorý študuje na Univerzite “Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC)” námorné inžinierstvo. Jeho zážitky a skúsenosti  z pobytu, si môžete prečítať nižšie. Tento študent absolvoval odbornú exkurziu v prístave Bratislava s doc. Dávidom.

I’m very thankful for the opportunity to study one semester in UNIZA, specially to the teachers Mr Andrej Dávid, Ms Andrea Galierikova, Mr Martin Jurkovic, Mr Tomas Kalina and Mr Albert Kulla. I want to say thank you also to Mr Salaga who helped a lot with the documents and in the enrollment in the university. During the period I’ve  improved one field of study which is not much developed in my country, but should be in the future, which is the Inland Water Transport. Two activities in particular helped me a lot to develop myself, which were two technical visits that I did with teachers Ms Andrea and Mr Dávid, in the company Mobis and in the Port of Brarislava. I really think that visits like that can give knowledge to the students that are not gained in theoretical study, so they were very important to me. I’ve also write papers whit the teachers. With Mr Jurkovic we prepared a paper about the maritime legislation in Brazil and in Europe, comparing them. With Mr Kalina we’ve discussed about alternative fuels in transport in Brazil. With Mrs Galierikova the focus was in the charter parties and its characteristics in inland Water Transport in the Danube river. And with Mr Dávid we’ve prepared a paper discussing about the economy scenario and water transport development in South American countries. In resume I could say that it was a very good experience and I’ll recommend it to other students from my University. I hope that UNIZA and especially the Department of Waterway Transportation continue to develop, receiving students from other countries and training successful professionals. I will be open to any student or teacher who wants to know my university, our field of study and the life in my country, just as I had the opportunity to know how things work in Žilina and in Slovakia in general


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